Health Databases

Various databases have been setup which include the details on heriditary deseases in breeds within the Pastoral Group. Below you can find links to the various databases. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE PBHF DOES NOT WARRANT THE ACCURACY OF THE DATA CONTAINED WITHIN THESE DATABASES. Many databases require no physical proof of results prior to data entry, also many results have not been submitted.

PBHF Statement relevent to PBHF maintained databases:

All of the databases may be viewed by the public. If you submit to any of the databases then you accept that your entry can be viewed by the public. Only your name will appear on the database(s) and no contact details will be displayed.

Information on the databases below is provided to the PBHF by the owners and/or breeders of the dogs mentioned, and is made available here in good faith, to assist people in making informed choices. Any errors or updates should be reported to the officers or webmaster. The PBHF is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Border Collie Database Links:

Below Databases are Maintained by the PBHF Below Databases are NOT maintained by the PBHF
Links to submission forms for these databases can be found <here> Submission can be found at these linked websites.
B12 Gonioscopy
MDR1 Czech Epilepsy Database
Degenerative Myleopathy Multiple Countries World-wide Epilepsy Database
BAER Hearing test Italian Epilepsy Database
World-wide Fitting Dog Database USA Epilepsy Database 1
  USA Epilepsy Database 2
  UK KC Health Test Results Database


Rough Collie Database Links:

MDR1 - Database maintained by PBHF


Shetland Sheepdog Database Links:

MDR1 - Database maintained by PBHF


Collie Cross Database Links:

MDR1 - Database maintained by PBHF