Information on the databases below is provided to the PBHF by the owners and/or breeders of the dogs mentioned, and is made available here in good faith, to assist people in making informed choices. Any errors or updates should be reported to the officers or webmaster. The PBHF is not responsible for the content of external sites.

It should be noted that this Database is titled as a "Fitting Database" rather than simply an "Epilepsy Database". Epilepsy is NOT the sole cause of a fit/seizure, there can be several other reasons including; low blood sugar levels, calcium deficiency, heat stroke, some infectious diseases, head trauma, liver disease, kidney disease, some poisons, poor circulation of the brain or brain tumours (rare) etc.

The purpose of this database is to aid the current research into Epilepsy and also provide useful information for breeders and potential owners. However, the details contained within this database should be viewed with extreme caution and careful consideration. Not all entries have been medically diagnosed as epilepsy and the actual mode of inheritence is unknown and extremely complex. Just because a dog might appear in a pedigree does not mean that dog is an epilepsy risk.

The World-wide Fitting Database is devided into three categories.

Fitting Database-KC - This section is for those dogs that are pedigree registered Border Collies and whose details are registered as a PURE BREED/BREED REGISTER Border Collie with the UK or an Overseas KC authority. This database also includes dogs that are jointly registered with the ISDS.

Fitting Database-ISDS - This section is for those dogs registered with the ISDS. The International Sheepdog Society (ISDS) maintains a register of Working Sheepdogs/Border Collies in the ISDS Stud Book which is published each year. Dogs from all nations of the world are included. Breeders can use the Stud Books to look up the parentage and lines of any ISDS registered dog. The first Annual book was Volume III issued in 1949; the two earlier books contain details of principle pre-war dogs. Volume III starts with dog number 6001. Volume I, published in 1955, traces back to list 3000 dogs registered up to 1939, with dates of birth stretching back to the 1890s where known. Volume II was published in 1950 and listed those dogs numbered 3001 to 6000 registered between 1939 and 1948. Today over 6000 dogs are registered each year.

Fitting Database-WSD & OTHER - This section is for those dogs that are not registered on a KC PURE BREED/BREED REGISTER or with the ISDS. Dogs in this section are for those dogs registered on a KC ACTIVITY REGISTER, are Working dogs which have not been registered, or are dogs where the parentage is unknown or limited. Note: Dogs in this section are not officially designated as a Border Collie, however many will physically resemble a Border Collie in appearance. The term Working Sheepdog (WSD) is often used to describe these dogs. Dogs in this database might be registered on an ACTIVITY register which is open to any dog including Crossbreeds. Some entries in this database may have no known parentage.

The PBHF wishes to thank those caring owners/breeders who have submitted data to these databases and actively encourages further owners and breeders to submit results using the form below.

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