History & Aims

The Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation began it’s life as the CEA Working Group. In 1999 the BCC of GB created a fund to raise money for the research into Collie Eye Anomoly. In 2000 the CEA working group was formed, - this group contained representatives from all registered Border Collie societies, the Lancashire Heeler and the ISDS and Shetland Sheepdog societies. Dr Jeff Sampson, Genetics Co-ordinator to the Kennel Club sat as an advisor.


The CEA Working Group was formed with the objective to promote research into genetically transmitted conditions and diseases affecting Border Collies and related breeds. Although it is a representative body, the CEA Working Group is autonomous in that it will hold monies collected and will direct money towards specific approved research projects.


The first and prime target was CEA and the group were in discussion with the scientific community to identify a research project that would concentrate on finding a genetic test for the condition. Health surveys conducted in the UK & USA were analysed to identify further areas of concern.

The 'Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation'

After the DNA test for CEA became widely available, it was clear to the participating Breed Clubs and Societies that the name 'CEA Working Group' needed to be re-thought. The title of 'Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation' was decided upon because of the original objective which was, and still is, to promote research into genetically transmitted conditions and diseases affecting Border Collies and related breeds.

The current Officers of the P B H F are:

Kathie Kinton – 01327 830308

Acting Secretary:
Val Hayward

Agility health co ordinator:
Lindsey Bridges

Vice Chairman:
Hilary Kerr

Marion Withers email: marionwithers@gmail.com

Current aims and research

The PBHF are actively fundraising & promoting the research into health issues in the Border Collie. We are in the extremely positive position that there are already DNA tests available for 5 genetically hereditary conditions known to affect the Border Collie (TNS, CL , CEA, B12/IGS and MDR1). We hope to add further tests as a tool for Breeders & owners to ensure that their dogs & breeding lines are, and remain healthy. We are currently fundraising & supporting “Gonioscopy” testing for the predisposition for Glaucoma in the Breed. A research paper is currently out for review with the appropriate journal and we look forward to this being published as an aid to breeders.  The researchers have identified several lines that are a “family” connection.

Other pastoral breeds also have a number of DNA tests and we regularly run clinics covering all DNA tests available – dates are regularly published on our facebook page. Recent clinics have been held at a Rough Collie breed show and further are planned for Lancashire Heelers and Shelties.

Pastoral Breeds Constitution

In 2014 the constitution for the Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation was created and was ammended at the AGM in 2015. The ammended version can be found <here>